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Daisy Bug Delivery

Daisy Bug Delivery is a full service concierge with an emphasis on servicing the South Tampa area, specializing in services to the University of Tampa. From Birthday Surprise deliveries, to assisting dorm move-ins, and providing rides with the benefit of knowing the driver, Daisy Bug does it all and then some!!

Being apart from your student during the school year can be stressful, especially when you want to be there for their biggest moments or provide them support. Daisy Bug Delivery is about thoughtful and personalized service to provide any type of surprise or delivery you wish you could give to your child!

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Full Service

Meet The Hive

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Rachelle Arnold, known as the Queen Bee or Daisy Bug, is the creator and founder of Daisy Bug Delivery. This native Texan, and quintessential Southern lady("yes maim"- say it out loud), got her start as an entrepreneur working for Shipt, the grocery Delivery company, as she transitioned out of a lifetime career as an admin assistant, most recently on MacDill AFB here in Tampa. After 5 years of Shipt, and growing frustrated with the gig economy,  she headed out on her own.  And then quite by accident, a UT mom from the east coast of Florida reached out to see if Rachelle could deliver some birthday goodies to her son.  The rest is, as they say, history.  

Rachelle Arnold

Owner / Queen Bee


Dave Williams, is a lifelong entrepreneur and joined with Rachelle very close to the beginning of Daisy Bug. Knowing that Rachelle's forté was the execution of the Birthday Experience and that she was too busy with the kids to keep up with communication and scheduling, Dave reached out to his good friend to see what he could do to help. Now known as the Head Beekeeper, it seems only natural that he manages most communication, scheduling, airport rides, and the on-the-ground logistics during busy airport weekends, as he is an avid planespotter!

Dave Williams

Head Beekeeper

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Karen Ballard, Dave's wife of just over 1 year and travel buddy, joined the team to help keep him in check. But, in reality,  Karen, coming from 30 years in the corporate sales and marketing realm, brings invaluable feedback on all things Daisy Bug and also jumps in to drive on those busy holiday weeks.  You may have also seen Karen do a Birthday Surprise or 2!  Having a 24 and 22 year old herself, Karen knows what you parents go through with your kids away from home for the first time and all the challenges college can bring. When Karen isn't being a Doodlebug, she's either shopping for Shipt or planning one of her and Dave's frequent vacations!

Karen Ballard


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Lulu Bell is a UT Mom, educator, and a part-time Doodlebug whenever she's in Tampa. She has a background in corporate finance, marketing, graphics and event planning. Lulu first met and started working with Rachelle while in Tampa caring for her son his freshman year, as he was recovering from a major surgery. Dave and Karen were out of town and she was solo for a couple of weeks. She saw a post from Rachelle apologizing for being short-handed, so she reached out. The next day they met for lunch and the rest is history.

Lulu Bell


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Ida Marie Johnston is a Florida native, thus requiring her to wear flip flops all the time no matter the weather. She is from Cedar Key(which if you haven't been to, you should) and previously was a nanny before getting married and having her own family.  Now she works for Shipt mostly and helps Daisy Bug on those busy holiday airport runs and also helps when our/your kids are sick and backs up when Kavis(Karen and Dave[Davis])are on one of their adventures. When not working, she enjoys wine, cooking, and being at her kids' school events, possibly not in that order!

Ida Marie Johnston


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Cami Schachtele is a soon-to-be graduate of UT. She is an enthusiastic young Doodlebug who loves to help out with our Birthday Surprise deliveries and Grocery Runs for Daisy Bug Delivery!

Cami Schachtele


Camis Mom Kim DBD_edited.jpg

Kim Schachtele was born and raised in Minnesota, but just moved to Valrico, Florida in September. She is a mother of two, Cami and Carly. Her family are big Disney fans and are happy to be in vicinity of the parks! She helps Daisy Bug Delivery where and when she can!

Kim Schachtele



Meet The Grasshoppers

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Harrison Tulchiner


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Cynthia Rogan


Julia dbd.jpg

Julia Williams


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Kim Souza


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Matthew Restrepo


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